Tenth & Spruce

It's All In The Details

Historically, blazers have been created by men, to be worn by men.

Today, your average brand selling blazers for women is checking a box. It’s an offering but it’s hardly their specialty, and it shows. Typically, women’s jackets are made with nylon, polyester and other synthetic materials. Sleeves are ill-fitting. There is rarely enough room in the chest or back. Buttons on sleeves often don’t function. Inside pockets are non-existent. And those little details like felt-lined collars and waterfall buttons – yeah, those aren’t there. 

It's times we gave women the blazer they deserve.

Our pieces are made with the utmost care and consideration — we take inspiration from traditional suiting and tailored garments, then combine those elements with thoughtful details and a fantastic fit. The result is a high-style, high-function everyday jacket you'll wear on repeat.